sunday at its finest.

Yesterday was a particularly good one, chickens.

JW and I went to our godson’s baptism, and then had plenty of time with all our favorite kiddos all afternoon.

How can you not love that face?

I also accomplished: reading the paper and eating egg sandwiches with JW, doing 45 straight minutes of yoga (without falling over even one time, I might add), getting dinner with my parents (it included fried clams, so basically, it was heaven), and catching up on my DVR.

Every Sunday should look just like yesterday, in my estimation.

Also exciting news was a cardinal sighting on my bird feeder yesterday morning. We were just putting on our Sunday best for Tobin when I saw the gentleman cardinal politely wedge himself in between two fat sparrows.

My neighborhood sparrows are slobs. They can’t help it, though.

While I whisper screamed in JW’s direction that he needed to check it out, the lady cardinal swooped in for a quick bite as well.

I had about 15 seconds of excited cardinal viewing before those sparrows horrified my cardinals with their bad behaviors and took off down the block.

Hopefully they won’t hold that against my bird feeder, and I’ll be seeing them again.

And now I’m off to start a week that promises to crescendo in 60-degree weather.

I’m holding you to it, Second City.



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3 responses to “sunday at its finest.

  1. Yesterday really was a perfect day. Mine was a wee bit different (with beer and debauchery), but my feelings toward it are the same as yours. πŸ˜‰

  2. I seriously hope they weren’t lying about the weather report this week! I can’t wait to NOT want to wear a sweater. Sounds like an awesome Sunday- and your godson is adorable. πŸ™‚

  3. Is your godson winking at me?! I think he is. I’m so jealous of your bird feeder! Can I come over and watch the action? πŸ™‚

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