missing the target.

Morning chickens.

And just like that, it’s back to the work week.

At least it looks like the weather’s going to be pleasant for this one, right?


After a long weekend of meetings and out of town work guests, I’m feeling like I could use another couple of days to recover from the overuse of my brain these past couple of days.

Can’t today be recognized as some kind of obscure city-wide holiday (…oh wait, that was Pulaski Day last week) in which I can hang out on my couch and eat cheese curls?

Yeah, I’m feeling a serious resistance to Monday. Bear with me, if you can stand it.

Last night I said goodnight to JM & CC after another delicious meal of Korean BBQ (I know, twice in two weeks: consider me hooked), and then went to jump into my bed.

Much to my dismay, instead of falling into bed as intended, I missed the target completely in my tired delirium and instead tripped over the edge of the mattress and bit it.

A new low in exhaustion.

After crashing into the floor and scraping the side of my leg, I crawled back up and hit the sheets pretty hard.

This morning, after 9 hours of sleep, I’m feeling slightly more like a human.

Only slightly though.

Did I mention the last time I ran was last Wednesday?

Maybe the warm weather is a sign that I’ll somehow whip myself into shape in the next 48 hours.

Wish me luck, chickens.



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3 responses to “missing the target.

  1. I’ve fallen off the bed once. It really is an embarassing state of affairs. Whoops… lol

    Happy Monday, friend.

  2. unconventionally beautiful

    haha, is there a reason why you call people chickens?

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