rolling into the weekend.

Welcome, Friday.

I believe that I’ve identified my cold-like symptoms as an allergy attack, and have decided to treat them in that manner.

We’ll see how this shakes out.

Another day of half marathon training lost, chickens.

I’m concerned that I’m doomed.

I have this concern at least once a week.

Last night JW’s bff BR rolled into town, braving crazy Michigan tornadoes and violent hail to get here.


I admire his dedication to the promise of a fun weekend.

Luckily he wasn’t taken out in the process, although then I would have admired his bravery.

Up tonight, I make my annual boiled meal of corned beef (I know people love it, and I do it for the tradition, but boiling a giant slab of meat is just not my favorite culinary experience) and cabbage, and take it with a side of allergy medicine in the hopes of making it through tomorrow successfully.

Also on the menu is homemade soda bread and mashed potatoes.

Boiling potatoes is something you should only do when you have no other options.

Like when you’re on rations and it’s WWII.

That would be an acceptable time to boil potatoes.

Otherwise, mashed is the way to go, despite its inauthenticity.

Truth be told, I’m wearing bright green and shamrocks tomorrow, and I’m barely Irish.

Talk about inauthenticity.


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