less cons than pros.

Listen chickadees, I’m loving this weather.

It enabled me to spend part of St. Patrick’s day wandering my neighborhood, outside, with no coat, wearing only a t-shirt and my green beads.

Did I mention that it’s March?

It meant all the windows of the bars on Southport were open, which meant March Madness (but sadly, not Uconn) games were spilling onto the streets all weekend.

We all know I’m not adverse to that.

It also enabled me to start the season of grilling, beginning with turkey burgers and this delicious, basically made up Asian coleslaw.

The sun’s been out, the trees are budding, and I’ve been trekking around in sandals.

All, I will point out again, in March.

Basically, I love this weather. The days are longer, the air is warmer, and I feel much less like shooting murderous glares at all the tourists in the city.

This is good for everyone, I think.

But, (and there is a  but for everything, chickens), I am basically eating Claritin like candy.

My nose will not stop running.

My eyes are continually weeping.

I’m sneezing rather violently, which is actually more embarrassing than anything.

Avert your eyes if you happen to see that.

Is anyone else feeling the pain of an early allergy season?

This coming from a girl who doesn’t even have allergies (as I say this, I hear my friend JK patiently explaining to me that these things can come on in your 20s, you know).

If I didn’t know before, I certainly know now.

The last time I professed to have allergies was when I was a chubby ten-year-old trying to get out of soccer practice.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, you see.

Up today, I’m shutting myself into a controlled area (otherwise known as my cubicle), throwing back some more allergy meds, and mentally preparing myself for a run this evening.

If this is how my body insists on reacting to this gift of early Spring, it’s also going to have to figure out how to run through it.

All in a day’s work, my friends.

Enjoy that weather.

Don’t forget to take something.


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One response to “less cons than pros.

  1. I still have to constantly remind myself that it’s MARCH. It just doesn’t feel like it. Especially when I spent all of yesterday on a Wrigleyville patio drinking beer in shorts and a tank top. I could get used to March if this is how it’s going to be from now on… 🙂

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