shame spiral

Dear Chickadees,

If I am not currently out running the streets of Chicago, listening to my iPod at an obnoxiously loud level, you all have permission to kick my ass to the pavement.

Last night’s 7-mile run turned into dinner with friends and giant, delicious, buttercream-iced cookie from Sweet Mandy B’s.

That place is delicious. Just walking through the door puts me in a better mood.

It also deters me from my half marathon training.

I realize that this is counterproductive, especially considering how beautiful and perfect the weather’s been, running wise.

In fact, I passed a lot of joggers in Lincoln Park.

Almost makes me feel like I ran right along side them.

Except we know that’s not the case.

When I returned home from my guilty but fun jaunt about town, JW was just getting in from his own 7-mile run.

I handed him a snickerdoodle and hoped we were even.

I suspect we are.

Today, freshly medicated and ready to kick these allergies to the curb, I’m determined to run at least four miles, lay off the cookies, make a dinner that involves mostly vegetables, and finish the evening with some serious yoga.

Even two out of four would be a massive improvement, if we’re being honest.

We’ll see where this day takes us, won’t we?

Enjoy this delicious weather, chickadees.




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2 responses to “shame spiral

  1. Sweet Mandy B’s is located to Derby- a mizzou bar. I’m glad I didn’t find this out until later in the season because that place looks dangerous!

  2. Sweet Mandy B’s is by far my absolute FAVORITE. I’m addicted to their cupcakes and last year my friend’s got me a birthday cake from there…I still fantasize about it. 😉

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