so don’t you worry your pretty little mind

Morning, chickadees.

Yesterday, March let us know it still has the free will to produce winter-like conditions at any moment.

I get it.

Can I have those 70 degrees back now, please?

In other news, I would like to report on the fact that recently, I’ve decided I may be

The first evidence is submitted as the following:

Sunday night we were watching Mad Men and some random commercial came on in memory of Ray Charles.

“You guys! You guys! Oh my God. Ray Charles is dead!” I said, gasping and flailing my arms.

Ray Charles has been dead since 2004.

Which immediately flashed on the screen.

Ky and JW just looked at me, and I crawled back to the couch in a fit of giggling/near shame.

What’s that about?

Next up, I would like to submit to you all that I have been losing shoes for two weeks.

I have a one bedroom apartment.

So far, I’ve recovered 3 shoes, but I’m still down one pretty important nude heel.

When you have square feet (and oh, I do), every shoe counts.

No man left behind, and all that.

How do you lose a shoe in less than 1000 square feet?

I’ll report back.


In other news, yesterday was a self-proclaimed rest day due to my limbs still smarting from my kettlebells & 8k combo.

Saturday in our session, Gene ordered us into plank position for far longer than I deemed necessary after two weeks of no class.

I raised up a little, trying to give myself a break.

“Nikki- what is that? Are you doing the downward dog?” he said, prompting me to return my hips to I-am-just-about-dying position.

Today’s the first day I can walk like a normal person.

Tomorrow I run eight miles.

I think.


Last night JW tackled making a baked ziti, which I advised him on from the couch.

“How do I know when there’s enough cheese?” he said, a reasonable question.

“You feel it in your bones,” I said, unhelpfully, while munching on a Snickers.

“I don’t feel cheese in my bones,” he said.

The ziti’s delicious.

He felt it in his bones.

And now, my chickens, I’m crossing my fingers, pulling on a light coat, and hoping for the 70 degree weather I have coming to me.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!




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One response to “so don’t you worry your pretty little mind

  1. There is never enough cheese. Ever.

    The Ray Charles thing sounds like a scuffle my roommate and I would have gotten into. We do it often. Most recently was one we had about whether Mr. Feeny is alive or not. He totally is.

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