a couple of thoughts on running it down.

Morning, chickens.

I’m back from the deep suburbs, with more than I left with and a positive attitude rolling back into the office.

Plus, I played whirly ball for the first time Monday night.

Talk about a life experience.

Basically, for those of you unfamiliar, you gather up ten people, throw ’em in bumper cars, give them scoops and wiffle balls, and let them loose.

The object is technically for your team to shoot more balls into your net than the other team, but I suspect the real fun is in bashing everyone into the bumpers.

I have the bruise to prove it.

I returned back from the suburbs late last night after a cooking/eating jaunt to my parents’ house, and then tried to convince myself that I wanted to get up and run this morning.

I threw out my clothes and went to bed, secretly hoping I’d sleep through my alarm.

Instead I woke up two minutes before it went off.

I hesitated for a second, and then climbed into my gear and hit the streets for a steady five miles.

A couple of lessons from today’s run, chickadees:

1. Running at 6:00 AM in Lakeview means running in tandem with all the dogs of the neighborhood. This seems to be when they take their morning constitutionals. This will make your run more interesting, as you’ll have to dodge a combination of sleepy, slow pups and barking, territorial ones.

Think of it as interval training.

2. Four days off running is at least one too many when you’re training for a half marathon. Your mind won’t be in the game, no matter what hot jams you have blasting on your iPod.

Selena Gomez will not save you.

3. Lakeshore Drive is windy. So windy that it can turn running into a contact sport. By which I mean, the wind nearly slammed my body into a building.

Resistance training, chicks.

4. Even if it’s dipped just below 50 degrees, you only need a couple layers.

Your winter running jacket will be uncomfortable around mile 2.

Leave it at home.

5. After months of training, you probably don’t need that walking break, especially if you’re almost done with your route.

I know you want it.

But you’ll be done faster if you skip it.

And those, my friends, are my words of wisdom for the morning. I’m headed back to the office to catch up, wise up, and cozy up to my cube.

Enjoy this middle of the week day, everyone!


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2 responses to “a couple of thoughts on running it down.

  1. When I first moved up here, whirly ball had to be explained to me. I still have yet to experience it.

    Also- what’s the earliest that you run? I’m trying to figure out a safe time to head out for morning runs in the neighborhood. Since I hit the gym normally at 5:20ish, it’s often still dark… 😦

    • You would love it!! I usually head out right before six- the ‘hood is probably safe earlier than that but I don’t like to run in the dark- I worry someone won’t see me and I’ll get hit crossing an alley!

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