Morning, chickens.

And welcome to opening day, one of the best days of the year in sports.

Especially when you live less than a mile down the street from this:

While I accept that this might be yet another “rebuilding” year (i.e. I will pay good money to drink bad beer and watch my beloved team bite it), opening day is still an exciting and hopeful day in the life of a baseball team.

Everyone’s got a shot on opening day, chickadees.

Plus it means the party’s about to start in my neighborhood and last until September.

I’ll be sick of this by June, but for the moment, I’m ready to get to it.

Go Cubs!

Also up today, I’ve got some cross training on my plate. This week got thrown off a little bit by my sojourn to the suburbs and then the weekend trip I’m taking to Michigan, so I’ve got to get at least another two workouts in before I hop in the car and speed off to the country for the weekend.

I’m not looking forward to going back to an indoor workout this evening, but I see no other way.

Stairmaster, I’m coming for you.

You’ll probably take me down.

I’m cool with that.

It’s all in the name of progress.

And with that, I’m headed into work early to continue with the week’s catch up. Enjoy the sunshine, chickens!

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One response to “crackerjack.

  1. YAY! I’m not excited about the commute becoming even more shitty, but I’ll take the 24/7 party that goes with it…

    Can’t wait until the Wrigley Block Party starts happening again!!

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