so put on your best boys.

And what a lovely Easter weekend that was.

I woke up Sugarloaf lake-side Saturday and Sunday, ran loops around a park in the sunshine (running without dodging cars hiding in alleys- ingenious), finally took care of my frightening-looking feet (too many miles, not enough pedicures), watched Ghostbusters (which is still pretty awesome, in case you were wondering), drank wine and lounged on couches, sat by bonfires, and celebrated the holiday by eating a delicious brunch and then playing a combination of soccer, frisbee, and football.

Don’t ask. It got kind of hard to keep up with, but I’m pretty sure everyone got hit with at least one object one time.

After a pleasant morning and early afternoon of eating, playing , and relaxing, we packed up the car, met up with my baby brother, and headed back to Chicago.

We made it back in record time, and then joined my parents and Ky  in the neighborhood to hand off my brother and enjoy a couple of Easter drinks.

Maybe also french fries.

Holiday french fries are important, in my expert estimation.

Spring’s edges are blurring into the coming summer, and I am 100% on board with that, chickadees.

And now I’m relaxed and ready to start a week that involves four thousand meetings, running 9 miles in one sitting, and getting back in my kitchen.

Enjoy the beginning of your week, chickens!


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