On the upside of a downward spiral

Morning, chickens.

This morning, after not quite enough sleep, I woke up to get in one of my five-milers.

JW had already taken a run.

I applaud the dedication to getting up before 5:00 AM in the name of fitness.

I started layering up, unsure of what the morning light held for me, and JW gave me a sidelong glance.

“It’s not that cold. You probably don’t need that jacket.”

I opened the door, and let in a blustery wind.

In our paused conversation, the NPR announcer noted “It’s pretty chilly out there this morning.”

I’m glad I wore the jacket.

Today’s run was slower than usual, a fact I am attributing to my lack of sleep, the cold weather, and my habit of of easing out slowly into the street.

I don’t want to start my day by getting hit by a car, chickens.

In any case, I’m figuring it’s about that time in my training to slow down my pace and get ready for 13 hours of constant pavement pounding.

Here goes nothing.

Tonight my plans are to run one million errands in advance of my first wedding of the season this weekend and get some laundry done.

Also, to eat all the food in my house.

When I got home last night, JW had set to making a crab-tomato sauce (pretty much the most delicious thing on the planet), roasting a chicken for lunches, and grilling pork chops for dinner.

I’m a lucky girl.

Also, well-fed.

I’ll be tucking into all of that tonight.

And now I’m off to get at it, my friends. Enjoy the sunny day, and don’t forget a jacket.

It’s not summer quite yet.



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2 responses to “On the upside of a downward spiral

  1. Gosh, I wish I could get up at 5am to go run!

  2. Has wedding season started already? Oh geez. Here we go… luckily, I’ve only got plans to be able to make 2 of 4 this year. Is it bad I’m not upset about missing 2? Shhh…

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