sticking to the plan.

Good morning, chickens.

We’re very nearly to the weekend.

I promise.

Last night, I was unable to complete my run due to a later exit from the office and a meet up with a couple of my pals.

When I got home, I felt moderately guilty about this.

But not so guilty that I wanted to head out into the cold night for a run.

Instead, I resolved to pull out my old, long-forgotten Shred DVD to get in a little cross training.

Except after I’d changed, rolled out my yoga mat, and located my hand weights, I realized the DVD is missing.

This seems to be a common theme in my life.

Not yet ready to admit defeat, and not digging the idea of yoga, I pawed through my collection of exercise DVDs until I found a Mari Winsor cardio burn pilates DVD.

Ok, I thought. This could work.

It was still in the plastic.

What happened next was probably the most hysterical half hour of my life, although I am 100% content with the fact that no one saw it.

It turns out that the video was less pilates, and more, um, cha cha.

Yes, there were dance moves.

I had planned on showing you a clip, but it turns out it’s hard to locate on YouTube.

Probably because it’s so embarrassing.

I literally jazz-hand-ed and shimmied all over my living room.

I couldn’t stop laughing, which probably assisted with the calorie burn.

Also, let it be known that the music was provided by a bongo-ing trio of island men, who smiled in the background every so often.

This is what I get for not sticking to the plan.

This morning, I woke myself up to get in five miles before work, and decided to take it to the treadmill, since it’s 34 degrees out.

Big mistake.

I forgot how much I hate the treadmill.

And although I made it through the five miles, it was a pretty mentally draining feat of strength.

I’m headed outside tomorrow for my nine-miler, even if it’s snowing.

Don’t take me at my word on that one, chickadees.



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3 responses to “sticking to the plan.

  1. I wanted to hit 4 or 5 yesterday, but the treadmill said stop at 3.6.

    I listened.

    Your issue with the dvd is why I can’t take classes at the gym. I’d laugh too much and people around me would probably get horribly offended from my lack of coordination. I censor myself. You’re welcome.

  2. The good news is that it’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow! Good luck! I ran on a treadmill recently and was struggling after 2.5 miles not to just throw myself off the damned thing. 🙂

  3. ruggerintraining

    BTW… I just want everyone to know that I found the “winsor pilates – Maximum burn cardio” DVD in the trash when I got home from work.


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