how sweet it is.

Good morning, chickadees.

I just got in from a nice, long run.

9.2 miles, to be precise.

The plan was 9, but then I maybe got distracted, ran past my target, and ended up trying to cut through some kind of industrial loading dock/parking lot/place that smelled pretty sketchy.

I made it out with my life.

And my jams.

So we’ll call it good.

While the run was a bit slower than I’d have liked, I’m encouraged by the fact that I did not stop to walk one time, and also, that I have the strength to do things such as shower and write this blog post immediately after finishing.

These are serious accomplishments, post 9-miler.

Last night, I hung around with my two favorite teens, who came over to eat pizza and laugh hysterically and generally make my day better.

They’re probably the funniest people I know.

What’s better than that, chickens?

And now, I’m rushing around, getting ready for a half day of work, a trip to the suburbs, and spending the evening watching my lovely, lovely friend ML get married and then celebrating for the rest of the night.

As I ran over the Damen Ave bridge this morning and watched the sun rise over my beautiful, busy little city, I thought to myself, what a sweet little life I have here. I trust you feel the same.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone.



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3 responses to “how sweet it is.

  1. Wait- you did 9 miles THIS MORNING?

    I’ve never braved more than 5 in a pre-work workout. Pretty sure my roommate would have to come looking for me if I tried…

    Happy weekend!

  2. Auntie Rosemary

    Thank you for being my daily ray of sunshine! I love you.

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