hitting the deadline.

Morning, chickens!

I’m on a deadline this morning, since my internet man is currently en route.

I won’t complain, since he’s on time in the window of 8am to 12pm.

I lucked out on that one, since I hadn’t really thought through working from home with no internet.

Sometimes I’m a little slow to get with it, chickadees.

In other news, Tuesday is here and I’ve decided I have to knock out a run tonight.

I’m not even sure if I remember how, to be honest.

This could pose a problem on Saturday morning.

We’ll deal with that later.

Like on Saturday morning.

Also up today: yoga until my bones are stretched and I’m feeling a little bit calmer (and maybe not falling over in this session), heading into work a little late to accomodate my appointment to Fix the Internet, and making this new recipe with Ky.


We’ll see how this one goes- I have high hopes that this is a better health choice than my recent obsession with eating as many American cheese slices as I can in one day.

They’re a processed temptation I can’t say no to- you know you love them too.

And now I’m off to see what the new internet’s like in 2012. Wish me luck, and enjoy the sun out there.



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