weekend for the win.

Welcome to Monday, chickens.

Another in.a.flash weekend over here.

We spent yesterday brunching in Champaign with our friends, driving the long, flat road back to Chicago, and hanging out with my parents and brother.

I told you it was flat.

After an early dinner with my family and a partial viewing of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (Barack, you’re hysterical), we headed back into the city so I could make it to my soccer game on time.

Yes, that’s right. I had a soccer game the day after my half marathon.

And aside from the back that my quads were aching and my body was in general, a little rickety, it was a fun way to end the weekend.

It was also raining, which actually makes getting back out on the field even more fun.

Yes, I’m serious about that. Nothing like getting a little muddy and kicking the ball around.

Also, we won our first game of the outdoor season.

Overall, it was a winning weekend, I would say.

And up this week: lots of getting.work.done, wading through a new workout plan (i.e. no plan at all), and going grocery shopping.

Things are looking pretty dismal in my fridge, chickadees.

I’m eating apples that look like they came from a root cellar.

Ten years ago.

I was a little busy the past couple of days.

Have a great day chicks!



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