one more to step to it.

And just like that, chickens, it’s May.

Someone please explain to me how that just happened.

In any case, it’s here now, and effectively, we’re one, big, May-sized step from summer in Chicago.

That’s something worth holding on for, if you ask me.

Which I assume you just did.

Last night I finally headed to the grocery store, as I decided it was crucial to have more than mustard and sriracha hanging out in my fridge. I’ve been living off of my mother’s kind donations of pasta and turkey sandwich supplies the past couple of days, but I’m getting to the end of my rations here.

Also as an actual, practicing adult I should probably be doing my own grocery shopping.

After stocking my home with actual food, I crashed on my couch (literally, chickadees, since there is a small chance I got into a Dean & Deluca candy medley that was sent to the office–I probably ate 1000 jellybeans yesterday afternoon) and caught up on Gossip Girl.

Yes, I know I’m the only person still watching that.

And certainly the only 28-year-old willing to admit it.

I’m comfortable in my poor choice of television.

In any case, I needed another night off, as my legs were actually more sore yesterday than the day after the race.

Sneaky, quads, sneaky.

Up today, I’m taking one more rest day before returning to the world of the workout, hunkering down in my cube for a day full of meetings and spreadsheets, and then having dinner with my pals.

May’s looking pretty good, chicks, the way it’s stretching out in front of me.


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One response to “one more to step to it.

  1. I’m glad to have cold and rainy april behind us. Gross

    And you just go ahead and go for the candy… it’s still carb loading for up to a week after the race… 😉

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