moving towards a better place.

Okay chickadees, I’m moving fast and furiously through this morning’s post.

Which is because, per usual, I might be running late.

I blogged over at my sister’s cooking site earlier this morning, and that has me rushing through my own adventures.

Although, to be honest, last night was fairly quiet around here.

JW and I headed to Costco, where in merely 30 minutes we managed to spend an outrageous amount of money.

We like to purchase items in bulk.

The main reason for braving the stormy weather and the full parking lot was to gather up everything we’d need for a pizza party we’re hosting this evening.

It’s been too long since I gathered 30 people in my one-bedroom apartment to drink wine and sweat while pizzas cook in our oven.

I know, it sounds pretty fun, right?

I promise it actually is.

Tomorrow morning, I have plans to return to the bells and the Russian after a week of basically doing no physical activity.

I would feel badly about it, but I figure I’m still running on workout fumes from my 13.1 miles last weekend.

Someone affirm me on that one.

In any case, tomorrow means back to reality in the workout department.

Which means Sunday I won’t be able to walk.

It’s all in a day’s work, chickadees.

Enjoy your Friday- the weekend’s about to show up!

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