we are young.

Last night we had a pizza party.

Which means we made a gazillion pies (including mushroom, bacon, and white clam, all personal favorites), drank a couple dozen bottles of wine (and there was beer, and maybe also some scotch), and laughed until 1 in the morning.

Here’s the evidence, in case you needed it.

There’s nothing better than a long night with good friends.

Especially when it ends with a full belly and a pleasant, red-wine buzz.

Unfortunately I can’t say it feels quite as good at 7am when it’s time to go to kettlebells and face the Russian.

Luckily, I took my pal V with me, and there were bagels and coffee after, which kept things a little more bearable.

I still wanted to flop onto the floor and hang there for the duration.

But it turns out that I’m a masochist, chickadees.

I’ll be sleeping in tomorrow.

Have a lovely Saturday evening everyone!



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