ready to roll.

It’s a dreary day out there, chickens.

Yesterday brought the kind of showers I thought were reserved for April.

Wrong again.

During a break in the action, I headed to soccer, where we started the game five players short, jogging around an already soggy field.

The rest of our team showed up quickly enough, but so did the rain.

The sky opened up and poured on us for some number of minutes before a particularly loud crash of thunder convinced our referees it was maybe time to call it a day.

I made my way home looking pretty much identical to a drowned rat.

One with a particularly unruly ponytail.

Despite this, I would still contend that there’s nothing more fun than a soccer game in the rain.

And a shower immediately after.

Today marks the start of a three week period of organized chaos- one week of work + Aus’ confirmation + JW’s parents in for the weekend + two days of class in the ‘burbs + Philadelphia for LZ’s wedding (yay!) + a week in Boston for our conference…


I’m not sure what’s about to happen to me, but I’m assuming it’s gonna call for an intense course of over caffeinating  and less sleep than I’m used to getting.

Tag me in chickadees, I’m ready to roll.


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One response to “ready to roll.

  1. I didn’t see any of the crazy storms yesterday. But that was most likely because I was stuck on a plane waiting on the runway to head towards all the storms. It was fabulous.

    I would have much rather been you. 😉

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