your best elevator pitch.

Good morning, chickens.

Please let me tell you something that happened to me yesterday.

You know  how I’m a fan of the over.share.

Yesterday, I was leaving the office later than usual, and I grabbed a long overdue expense report to drop off on the floor below me.

Yes, we have to take elevators to every floor, even if it’s only one down.

I stepped into the elevator and automatically pressed 1.

It’s a reflex after a long day. I wanted out of there.

When I realized I had sped past my intended floor, I panicked and hit all the buttons.

I recognize that this is an amateur move.

The elevator finally came to a halt at 15, which is where the MTV offices in Chicago reside.

The MTV offices are much cooler than the association management offices, in case you were wondering.

I bet you were not.

When I got off the elevator, I figured I’d just ride back upstairs and deposit my paperwork.

Except, upon further inspection, I couldn’t locate any elevator buttons.

I canvassed the area, but seemed to be coming up empty.

Maybe they’re somehow motion sensitive, I thought, because I am a crazy person.

I tried walking the perimeter.

No dice.

I wondered if I could call someone from my office to come rescue me from the 15th floor.

A great plan, if  I ever remembered anyone’s phone number, and if it wasn’t past the hour where most people had already headed home.

I was just resigning myself to a night in the elevator bank (they probably don’t even have a wireless signal was an actual thought that I had), when a light bulb went off.

Maybe CJ would have someone’s number.

I called her, but unfortunately, all I got was voice mail.

Back to contemplating a life in the elevator bank.

It might even make a good Lifetime movie.

After probably a total of ten to fifteen minutes, an actual employee of MTV came through the doors of her lobby and eyed me suspiciously.

I tried to look cool, like maybe I worked there.

I wasn’t fooling anyone.

Since I perceived that the jig was up, I nonchalantly asked her how one called an elevator on this floor.

She looked at me like I was crazy, and reached behind a trendy fixture to where the buttons were located.

In the right light, they might even be described as “not hidden”.

But I’m not willing to draw that conclusion without a second look.

And I’m never stopping at 15 again.

So I guess it will stay a mystery the rest of my days.

Take it easy out there chicks.


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2 responses to “your best elevator pitch.

  1. ahahahaha!

    That happened to me on the Wilson floor. You need a key code or something. I felt like an idiot.

    We have MTV offices here? I learn something new everyday…

  2. Hahaha, that is hilarious! Makes me sort of glad we only have one floor here. 🙂 Although, I do manage to embarrass myself regularly anyway. Spilled coffee on the boob? I got this one.

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