five good things: let’s do this one more time edition

Hey there, chickens.

And welcome to Thursday morning.

Because I’ve been a little attitude-wise the past couple of days, I thought I’d try and rise about it with a healthy dose of five good things this morning.

So here goes nothing.

1. Last night was A’s confirmation, during which I had flashbacks of his First Communion, which I swear was literally just last week.

He was shorter than me then.

A is hurtling toward high school at this point, something that I think I’ve almost made peace with, except that his sister KD is right on his tail.

Luckily, I have this guy bringing up the rear.

T- I forbid you from getting older than 3. That is all.

2. In two days, the Farmers’ Market opens. This is awesome, because I assumed it would start next weekend, when I was in Philadelphia, and I had already resigned myself to missing the first one, which is basically a religious holiday in my home.

Although I have about 18,000 things to accomplish Saturday, I don’t see how I can’t add this one to my list.

When I found out yesterday, I literally wrote an e-mail to Ky titled: EMERGENCY VEGETABLE DISCUSSION

I hope you like me enough to look past that.

3. President Obama, I already thought you were pretty cool.

And I know some people think you’re pandering.

But I think you’re just telling us what we suspected was already true, despite the fact that some people won’t like it.

I’m down with that.  Thanks for doing your part.

Someone once told me that in response to people noting that social issues aren’t the biggest on the table right now that her take was “You wouldn’t think that if it was your civil rights that weren’t being recognized.”

It’s a good point, chickens.
4. This weekend is heavy on the family, with JW’s parents heading in from MI and giving us an excuse for a full schedule of fun events. Pizza, grilling, and brunch, here I come.

Please note these events center around food.

Is anyone here surprised?

5. I have nearly perfected my iPod shuffle’s playlist. It is now suitable for commuting, running, and traipsing around the city at large. My new favorite track? It’s a tie between Fun & Nicki Minaj, so I leave you with both of them.

I dare you to be in a bad mood after listening to those beats, chickadees.

Get out there and have a good one!



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2 responses to “five good things: let’s do this one more time edition

  1. Kylah

    I would have sent you the same exact emailto had I figured it out first.

  2. My goal this summer is to hit at least a few farmers markets in the city. The ones in the suburbs existed, but were sad in comparison…

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