all in a day’s work.

Chickens, last night was

We went on a team outing to Inspiration Cafe to cook and serve some folks in the Uptown neighborhood.

I probably cut about a million pounds of pork into stir fry strips.

Precisely the kind of work I’m into.

It was (as volunteering usually is) a totally fulfilling and worthwhile experience, and also a good way to spend some time with the team before we head to Boston to our event in a couple weeks.

We’re a pretty fun crowd.

Post our volunteering experience, we headed to Andersonville to grab drinks and dinner.

Which meant we laughed for about four hours straight.

It can’t be helped.

Not that I’d want to help it anyway.

After toasting to our event, our team, and the next couple of crazy weeks, we took ourselves home.

This particular cab ride with CJ & JK was the funniest yet.

I’m pretty sure the driver thought we’d lost our minds.

We probably have.

In thinking about how I can properly articulate why we were laughing so hard we were crying, I really can’t come up with a specific reason.

It might have been JK swearing her allegiance to Barack Obama.

It could have been that I demanded we take pictures of ourselves in the cab like we were in college, and that they all turned out terrible (but we thought they were pretty awesome at the time)

Definitely, CJ laughing so hard she was shaking didn’t help.

It’s all in a day’s work, chickadees.


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  1. Cab pictures are always a horrible idea. We did a few in DC last weekend. If the girls actually remembered them happening, I’m sure they would have demanded a “delete”.

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