Come as you are

Today has already been a

It started with kettlebell class bright and early.

Gene was even more energetic than usual, and we spent the class watching him instruct moves and play air guitar at the same time.

To Prodigy.

It was an intense experience.

Kettlebells is the weirdest.

Also this morning, Ky and I headed to the first Farmers’ Market of the season.

It’s basically a holiday around here.

We got to see all of our favorite familiar faces, and the rain (mostly) held off, leaving us to pick up some early spring produce without getting soaked.

Summer’s almost here, chickadees.

I can feel it in my bones.

Also this morning, I ran errands into the ground, hitting up Nine West, CVS, and Target before lunchtime.

It’s been a highly successful day so far.

And I’ve got hours left in this day still.

Up next, I figure out if teal jeans is really something I dare to do, finish up some reading, hit the couch with my laptop, and make dinner for my family.

It’s a grilling kind of night, despite the weather we’ve got going on in the Second City.

I predict good things for the rest of the weekend. Hope you’re enjoying yours!


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