second lunch and other sights.

Hey there, chickadees!

I’m headed out shortly to attend the wedding of LZ & NB, but thought I’d drop in quickly to show you what I’ve been up to (and by what I’ve been up to, I mean mostly, what I’ve been eating) since I arrived in Philadelphia.

The combination of historical, National Treasure-esque sites, and delicious food really make this a pretty fun city.

Also, all my buds are here 🙂

So far, my favorite find has been the 9th street Italian market, which is several blocks of open air market, peppered with authentic Italian restaurants, cafes, and places to buy live fish.

That meat and cheese hanging from hooks is a picture I snapped in one of the markets. They all smell delicious, and at Lara’s local recommendation we stopped at a place called Paesano’s for an awesome chicken/salami/broccoli rabe sandwich yesterday.

It was awesome.

The sandwich might have been my second lunch of the day.

We’re on vacay, after all.

I also loved Paesano’s for its awesome array of t-shirts that say “Jaeatyet?”

As someone whose relatives’ first words are generally “jaeat?” when I walk in the door, I can appreciate the sentiment.

I was right at home.

And with that in mind, I’m about ready to wander back into the city in the hopes of finding another delicious meal before I head to the wedding/dance party celebration we’ve got lined up tonight.

Have a beautiful day, chickens!



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