i believe in miracles.

This has been a really long week.

We’ve been spending fourteen hours at a stretch together in a convention center, working hard on our feet (my dogs are barking, JK says once every five minutes once it hits 4:00 pm), and laughing/crying at every single thing that happens.

And a lot of things have been happening.

There’s nothing like working a conference, chickens.

Today, after handfuls of jelly beans, tons of diet soda, and only four hours of sleep, I was feeling down.

I’ve been outside once since Sunday.

My only physical activity has been tripping up the escalator while half asleep and playing foosball in my booth.

And then, there was a conference miracle.

Just when I thought all hope was lost.

Someone walked in with several boxes of these:

Mike’s Pastry is  among my favorite places in Boston. They specialize in cannolis, but they also show up with a pretty good assortment of other desserts.

There’s nothing like a serious sugar buzz to get you through those last six hours of the day.

In fact, just yesterday I turned to my buds JK and CJ and noted that I’d probably lose it if we made it through the week without somehow getting in a trip to Mike’s.

I had never been so serious about anything in my life.

When the woman walked in with the boxes, CJ looked at me with concern.

“You look like you’re gonna cry.”

Luckily, they’re tears of joy.

Is it Friday night yet, chickadees?


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One response to “i believe in miracles.

  1. Sugar and baked goods always make every day brighter. These are the words that I live by.

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