hey i heard you were a wild one.

All right chickens.

I’m back in action.

I made it home.

I’m barely alive.

However, in a lucky twist of fate, it’s a long weekend, so I plan on recovering and returning in short order to my normal life.

If I can remember where I left it.

Our event was a great success, Boston was awesome, and I slept roughly 20 hours in five days.

There’s nothing like really finding out what your limits are, right?

Mine are, apparently, 4 hours of sleep a night, all the pop music in the land, 12 hours a day on my feet, twice-daily snacks of chips, and several gallons of Red Bull.

I’m off the energy drinks now, chickadees.

After hanging out with my team all week, tweeting like a maniac about the conference, dancing at every opportunity, and ending one particularly good night by eating pizza out of a box in a parking structure (don’t worry, there was a picnic table. It was a very civilized experience), I was more than ready to board a plane and head back to the Windy City.

If I had stayed one more day, it’s possible that I would have needed some kind of rehabilitation.

But I wouldn’t trade that crazy week for any other.

Here’s to two more days of quiet, water, and vegetables.

I’ll let you know how this one shakes out.



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