smile in the age of worry/worry, why should i care.

Chickens, it’s about one million degrees outside.

And my AC went out last night.

It was a stifling night’s sleep, spent tossing and turning and wondering why in God’s name do I not own more fans?

Still, I am cheered by our extra day off, even if I am holed up in a Starbucks getting to some previously ignored work.

Tomorrow, my life is getting back to normal.

And everyone can use a jump start.

I’ve got an iced tea on my table, John Mayer’s new album in my headphones (say what you will about him, I have resigned myself to the fact that I have always loved him and always will- despite his personality or life choices), and the AC is blasting in this coffee house.

A little PowerPoint execution and I’ve got myself a pretty happy little Monday.

And a return to a semblance of normalcy.

We’re teetering on the edge of summer here in the Second City, which means my focus is on the following items: sun, swimming, getting my legs back out on the asphalt, concerts, cookouts, digging out the boombox (yes, I co-own a boom box with my bffs), reading something that is not a management book, heading to festivals, and generally enjoying the life I get to lead.

Everything looks better in the sunlight, chickadees.

And everything looks better when you finally get home.

I hope everyone’s enjoying this beautiful day in the sunshine. Welcome to summer, chicks!

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