with a will to work hard and a library card.

I was experiencing a little bit of writer’s block this morning, chickadees.

Perhaps because I didn’t want to confess that after a long day of work and dinner with JW, I watched Smash until midnight.

But then, I’ve just let it spill.

I never was very good with a secret.

To counter this bit of lazy behavior, my plans tonight include a yoga session with Ky.

We haven’t done yoga in almost a month, which means that I’m 100% sure I’ll fall on my ass the second I try to stretch into Warrior 2.

Especially since my limbs are still a little stiff from Saturday’s bells class.

Yes, it takes that long to bounce back.

Swinging bells is hard work, my friends.

More terrifying and also in my future is the prospect of running more than 2 miles, which is my goal for tomorrow morning.

It’s time to see if those legs are still in working order.

Also, running that half marathon is starting to seem like a distant dream.

What half marathon? my body’s saying.

I know, energy drinks and pizza shocked my system into amnesia.

I’m hoping I can pull myself out of the slump without collapsing on Belmont.

You’ll know if I hit the pavement in a heap of tired muscles and sweat though, chickens.

Like I said, secrets and self-preservation were never something I took much stock in.

Enjoy the sunshine out there, pals!


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One response to “with a will to work hard and a library card.

  1. Good luck with the run! I’m signed up for a 5k this weekend and I have no idea how it’s going to go. I’ve paid no attention to speed as of late. It could be a disaster!

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