i ain’t got no future or family tree

Yesterday, I ran a little over four miles.

Well, I ran/walked a little over four miles.

You’ve gotta start somewhere after a dry spell, chickens.

It happened to be National Running Day, and it was a beautiful day for a jog through the neighborhood.

Or a struggle, as it turned out for me.

It was still a beautiful day for a struggle.

I’m doing it again this week.

And that is that.


Also last night, JD, Ky and I headed out for drinks in Roscoe Village.

JD and Ky are finally settled in their respective new digs, and that means we’re all in the same relative area again.

Which apparently calls for Wednesday night flights of wine and also, small plates of every kind.

Do you know that they make a sugar cone cookie?

I know.

Also over at Volo on a Wednesday night, they played the entirety of the Spin Doctors’ Pocket Full of Kryptonite album.

That’s the one with all their songs you know.

It’s also the one Ky and I dubbed “Badminton music” when we played in a self-created badminton tournament several years ago.

Nothing like friendly competition and songs of the early 90s to bring back fond memories.

In any case, in honor of the gang finally getting back together over an old favorite, enjoy this tune, on me.

It’s almost the weekend, chickadees.

And don’t you forget it.



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One response to “i ain’t got no future or family tree

  1. Yesterday was one of the few times I ventured over to the lake shore. The breeze/wind gave me a rude awakening that I need to toughen up a little more. You don’t get that so much when running the ‘hood.

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