long walks and giraffe pick-ups

Welcome to Friday, chickens.

I’m well rested and ready for the weekend.

Hope you are too.

Last night JW and I decided to venture out on a walk around the neighborhood.

But not before stopping at New England Seafood Company to share a Fisherman’s Platter.

It was a good call for a Thursday night treat.

I’m never gonna say no to fried seafood.

Those guys moving in down the block means there’s a delicious danger zone within walking distance.

I’m not even sorry about it.


Also last night, I received a disturbing text from A, mother of all three of my favorite Straley children.

Sophie had gone missing.

It was a red alert.

I reported the news to JW with a heavy heart.

He too, was concerned with the news.

Sophie, my friends, is a giraffe.

And my godson loves his Sophie.

And he has a nice, long, Sophie-necessary road trip tonight.

So JW and I did the only thing there was to do, and tracked down another squeaking, trendy giraffe on our walk.

“Are you in our system?” the nice, well-meaning lady asked JW as he made his purchase.

I stood back and laughed.

JW turned an interesting shade of red, and mentioned something about a gift.

We made it out of there with the long-necked squeaky toy though, and that’s all that mattered.

Eventually, the original Sophie was located in the garage, but I feel better with a backup.

JW and I have become crazy people over Toblerone.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Also in exciting Straley news, we’ve got an 8th grade graduation to attend tonight for Aus.

I might cry, since I can’t believe he’s headed to high school.

I’ve been embarrassing him for seven years, so I guess crying at his 8th grade graduation might just be one more reason for him to look at me sideways.

I make no promises, chickens.

Enjoy this beautiful day, and the start to your weekend!


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