let it be easy, let it flow.

Yesterday I worked from my living room, since I woke up and realized my eyes were just about done with me.

I worked on projects in the dark with the blinds closed.

It still seemed too bright.

Then, after eight hours of straining, I decided that it was time to stretch myself into some serious yoga.

Yoga can be done in your living room without the use of your eyes, chickadees.

Or at least something that’s a semblance of yoga.

I felt one million times more centered once I was finished, and then I trotted off to the eye doctor.

Where I was told to take some steroid drops and lay off the contacts for another week.

This means less running, more yoga, since jogging without seeing really seems to be more trouble than it’s worth. 

I’ll be warrior posing until future notice over here.

Also today- I got up to head to the kitchen after a particularly long spell of sitting, and I didn’t realize my legs had fallen asleep.

Immediately my legs went out from under me, and I bit it on the hardwood floor.

Maybe it’s better I worked in isolation today.

Tomorrow I try to make it back to civilization, chickens.

Wish me luck in the big, bad city.



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One response to “let it be easy, let it flow.

  1. Ugh, the feeling of a “dead leg” is the worst. Sorry about the spill. Although I may have giggled. Just a little.

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