five good things: are we getting anywhere, anyway edition.

Morning, chickens.

It’s another sunny day in the Second City, and I’m facing down a long day with a nice reward.

I’m focused on the good things.

And in honor of that, I’m doing a five.good.things this morning.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Tonight, I’m headed to my first Cubs’ game of the season. Sure, they’ve only won 20 (21 now!) games this season.

Sure, they break my heart by July every year.

And yes, I’m not sure I even remember the lyrics to “Go, Cubs, Go” at this point.

But I still love them.

Also, it’s an LUC alumni night, which means all you can drink specials at Goose Island before the game starts.

Last time we indulged in this annual outing, we didn’t even hit the game until the third inning.

I look forward to a repeat performance.

2. Since my eye issues have been keeping me in glasses lately, this has forced me to attempt some less vigorous exercise, and I’ve practiced yoga twice this week.

I’m feeling more flexible and less crazy.

Also, pretty sore, if we’re being honest.

I’ll be glad to get back to running next week, but for the moment, I’ll take a couple of centered days.

3. Also re: exercise, I dusted off my old Shred DVD yesterday morning and decided to give it a spin.

Sweet Jesus, that is tough. 20 minutes and I was sweating like I’d done a 5k.

I’m trying it again tomorrow- although, after all this yoga, I admit that Jillian Michaels’ voice telling me to think about jean shopping makes me want to kill someone.

Thank God for mute, chickadees.

4. This weekend, I have zero concrete plans. This means my house might have a chance of raising its status from “war zone” to “livable quarters.” It also means I might get out into the sun, or perhaps finally take care of my plant situation.

By which I mean JW will make sure there is a plant situation. Things are looking fairly bleak out there for mid-June.

I miss that monster arugula.

5. We’re at Wednesday already, which means we’re headed straight into the latter part of the week. If that’s not worth cheering for, I’m really not sure what it is.

Enjoy the sunshine, chickens- it’s a beautiful day!



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4 responses to “five good things: are we getting anywhere, anyway edition.

  1. Jillian has been reduced to maybe once a week as of late. My muscles hate me for this. Every time.

    Have fun at the game tonight!!

  2. Ky

    I think the third inning might be stretching it, I was going to guess we got there at the end of the fifth inning.

  3. Hey – first time commenter here…I’ma friend of Jennie’s – worked with her in Pasadena…anywho – I’ve just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award…I love that your posts help me get through the week without being overly positive in a cheesy way – great sense of humor…it obviously runs in the family. You can see my nomination in my latest post…

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