i finally learned to let it go.

Chickens, we’ve made it to Friday morning.

Which means the hard part is over, everyone.

Up this weekend:


That’s not to say I don’t have 8000 ideas of things to check off my list swimming in my brain (get some sun, plant some herbs, clean this house within an inch of its life, cook something crazy), but none of it’s down on paper and that, my friends, is the trick to all of this.

At least I think it is. Ask me Monday if it turned out to be chaos.

Last night, I continued my series of home work outs by doing the Shred for the second time in one week.

I even made it to level 3.

But it wasn’t pretty, you can bet on that.

Between that and the yoga I’ve been working on this week, my shoulders have surrendered, and my push ups look more like me flopping to the ground and then slowly picking myself back up again.

For 3 straight minutes.

I can’t wait until I get my contacts back into my eyes: running will be the first thing on the schedule. My shoulders can relax all they want.

And now, I’m off to make my last trek to work this week. It’s all smooth riding from here, chickadees, at least for the next 72 hours or so.




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