cartwheeling at dusk.

And just like that, it’s time for another week.

Last night after two hard-earned wins in soccer playoffs (no, not the European Football Championship kind), we headed out to the suburbs to eat grilled foods and celebrate Fathers’ Day.

Before dinner, we were sitting out on the patio, and the subject of cartwheels came up.

I thought I could do one.

It turns out that I can’t.

However, after some practice and coaching by my weird little brother (I feel like you’re only giving 80%, he noted) I finally had it down.

Then I tried again and fell to the ground.

I was never gonna be a gymnast, chickens.

Post cartwheeling around the yard, my brother’s next instruction was for me spin around 30 times.

I decided to show off my amazing sense of balance by doing it.

Big mistake.

After spinning around for what felt like hours, I took off lumbering in the direction of the garage, but promptly ran straight into my father’s garden fence.

I hit the dirt, chickadeees.

Then I laughed until I cried.


Up this morning, I started my day with a summer-y breakfast to remind myself that despite the 8 hours in my cubicle, we’re still in the best part of the year around here.

I know avocados aren’t local to the Midwest, but I can’t live without them, so I just chalk it up to doing the best I can.

Tonight: hopefully my doctor tells me my eyes have lost their spots, I pose it out with some yoga, and the rain holds off until I’m safely tucked into my apartment.

Let’s get this week started.


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One response to “cartwheeling at dusk.

  1. I actually just got into a conversation about if I think I could do one. I really don’t think I can. My feet are better off staying on the ground…

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