let the world spin outside our door.

Yesterday was hot, chickens.

And crazy windy.

I guess that’s about right over here, though.

I spent the evening in the air-conditioned comfort of my home, forcing myself to do two segments of yoga in an attempt to stretch out my cartwheel muscles.

I’m still pretty sore this morning, since it turns out my cartwheel muscles are all.of.them.

I may have launched myself out of an overzealous side plank directly into the floor.

I’m not willing to confirm or deny, though.

Also last night, I spent some more time hanging out on my newly-spruced up deck, catching up on some class reading (class is next week- how did that sneak up on me, again?), and enjoying the great outdoors.

Or at least, the great courtyard.

They’re pretty similar, I think.

Tonight, I’m planning on trying out some Shredding, despite the fact that Jillian Michaels’ voice is now at the point of making me want to throw things across the room.

I can’t get back into my contacts until Thursday.

The first thing I’m doing is going for a long, glasses-free, clear-vision run.

Or maybe a short one. I might not be able to get very far the first time.

It’s been awhile, chickens.

And now, I’m off to catch the train- hopefully more successfully than yesterday, when I hit the turnstile before realizing I didn’t have my wallet.

Amateur hour in the second city, my friends.

Stay cool today!


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