hit the road, jack.

This morning, CJ and I made a triumphant return to our careers as bike riders.

80% of success is showing, up right?

We met at six, and I mentioned that it looked brighter in the early morning than I remembered from our Summer of Triathlon.

“I’m pretty sure we used to meet at 5:00 AM,” she said.

Oh yeah. That’s right.

“I think something’s wrong with my front brake,” she told me. “I think it’s okay though.”

We just hopped on our bikes anyway.

It was go time.


We took off, headed toward the lake, and I noticed it was taking us awhile to hit the actual street.

As in, we were riding on the sidewalk.

Like children.

Or suburbanites.

We eased onto busy Ashland.

It’s best to get back into these things slowly, chickens.


We hit the Lakeshore path at a slower clip than in our glory days, but all things considered, the ride was going well.

Except for the wind situation.

But aside from nearly being blown over, we were moving right along.

I feel good about this, I thought.

Moments later, we came upon a poor older gentlemen who had hit a runner with his bike and was splayed out on the pavement, unresponsive.

The girl he hit had a big gash on her arm, and a fleet of bikers started to gather at the scene.

We halted our bikes and waited for the firetrucks to get there.

He started to come to on the stretcher, and eventually, CJ and I took off on our bikes.

I will assure you, good readers, that he was wearing a helmet.

I might be getting elbow pads, just as a precaution.


Despite our shake-up with the bike accident, and the fact that  the wind and our lack of practice held us back in the speed department, we completed about 10 miles on our bikes without personal injury.

We’ll be back at it in no time, chickadees.

Enjoy that sunshine!



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2 responses to “hit the road, jack.

  1. Auntie Rosemary

    Yes. Elbowpads. Definitely. Immediately. Thanks.

  2. That is the one thing that terrifies me about the lakefront. Because one day I’m so going to come around a curve or hill and get blasted by a biker. I’m not lucky.

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