check those in-line skates.

And with that, chickens, we’ve made it through most of the week.

Which means it’s almost time for a weekend I have most certainly over-scheduled, in the spirit of getting my summer back on its intended track.

It’s intended track calls for spending lots of time outside and hanging with my friends big time, in case you were wondering.

This particular weekend it means I’ll be (finally) making it to Moody’s pub for a burger in the beer garden, hitting up a few concerts around town (my friends, they have the talent), and finishing off the weekend with a Sunday evening trip to Ravinia.

Have you guys (in Chicago or otherwise) been to Ravinia?

If not, get yourselves there, pronto.

Basically, the gist is that it’s a series of open air concerts in which everyone picnics on the lawn and listens to music.

You can bring in all of your own food and drinks (and centerpieces, and tables, and flowers, and sternos…yes, these are all frequent Ravinia accessories). You can pretty much bring anything you want.

Well, except for this stuff:

Leave those in-line skates at home, chickadees.

The grass is no good for them anyway.

Ravinia, in summary, is pretty much one of the most beautiful ways to spend an evening in the Chicago land area.

So beautiful that I have not even one qualm about trekking to the suburbs to get there.

So here’s to burgers, music, and outside venues all weekend. Hope your plans look something like those.



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One response to “check those in-line skates.

  1. I’ve been to Ravinia, but I think the real crime is I’ve YET to go to Moody’s. Tear.

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