it’s a crazy place out there.

The other day I received the following message from my pal JD with the subject line titled simply “Why?”:

Bret Michaels has a pet accessory line at PetSmart and we have to work for a living. Is this fair?

JD always asks the hard questions.

The answer, in this case, of course, is absolutely not.

And yet, while Bret Michaels (of Every Rose has its Thorns and Rock of Love fame) gets to design leashes and other dog accessories for a living (or, let’s be honest, employs someone to design this rocker pet-wear for a living), I’m getting ready for my daily commute to cube-land.


This is somewhat depressing, in the grand scheme of things.

If only I could have thought of dog bandanas and plush guitar accessories as a means of earning disposable income.

This world’s a funny place, chickadees.

In an effort to keep my eyes on the prize, I’m focusing on speeding towards the end of my day, which includes laying my eyes on my friends, riding bikes with JW, and listening to a sweet concert.

And that’s only the Friday night line up.

Summer in this city is a beautiful, beautiful thing. It’s about time I got to it.


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