heating it up and cooling it down.

Good morning from the lake, chickens.

We’re in Michigan, enjoying the sunshine and the water, readying ourselves for a family wedding.

Not a bad sight to wake up to, right?

Last night, we visited with familiar faces, ate a delicious dinner basically on the lake, headed out for a boat ride, and finished the evening hanging out in my hilarious friend MW’s pool.

As long as the temperature stays below 100 degrees, things are looking pretty good here.

Hot weather on the lake feels a little less stifling than hot weather in the city anyway.

In fact, as JW and I headed out of the city yesterday, we received a call from our neighbor.

To tell us that our deck caught on fire.

And that the firefighters were at our apartment.

Panic ensued for a second as I envisioned my building going up in flames, but once T sent us some pictures of the aftermath, we realized that the damage wasn’t too bad, aside from the fact that we lost a chair in the blaze.

This hot weather is a crazy situation.

I look forward to 75 degrees, whenever that decides to show up.

Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.

Stay cool today, chickadees.


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One response to “heating it up and cooling it down.

  1. I’m looking forward to that 20-degree swing in temps. Hopefully, I’ll be so used to the hot weather that I’ll be able to FLY on the streets of Chicago in 80-degree temps when I do my morning run…. 🙂 Enjoy the weekend, chick!

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