The other day, I was having dinner and emergency cocktails (emergency cocktails = a thing in the life of Nikki) with my two besties, trying to decide which trashy television was least trashy, and thus acceptable to watch (for your information: Teen Mom is too trashy, but Gypsy Weddings, British or American, are acceptable. We can’t resist a gypsy around here) when Ky looked at us quite seriously and put down her drink.

“I have something very controversial to say,” she said with a straight as an arrow face, while JD and I quickly glanced at each other across her in fear.

“I’m nervous,” I said.

“Let’s hear it.” JD’s always been more to the point.

“It’s just that I don’t like red velvet cupcakes. And I never have. I don’t get what the big deal is,” she said, in a brave and direct voice as JD and I, and then she, thankfully, fell into a cascade of belly-laughing.

Which is the best kind, if you ask me.

She went on to clarify her points, which were that red velvet has no distinct flavor, and while she loves cream cheese frosting, why not apply it to some better use, like devil’s food cake?

We laughed through the whole conversation.

Somehow, snapshots in time like that make me feel like every little thing is going to turn out all right.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekends!


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