five.good.things: don’t lose your weapon edition

Good morning, chickens!

Although we’re not even halfway into this sunny, not too hot (yet!) day, I’ve got plenty of sunshine to share with all of you.

It’s a lovely day in the Second City.

So I’m going to get to why that is:

1. Last night, JW and I had dinner at Quartino, which is one of my favorite places to eat downtown.

Italian small plates.

How could it get any better?

2. Here’s how:

Post dinner, we headed over to see our favorite teens, our godson, and their parents.

Pretty much my favorite line-up of all time.

There were stories about baseball, crawling demonstrations, and delightful, summery drinks.

I love those kiddos so much I could squeeze them.

Do squeeze them, actually.

3. This morning, I went back to kettlebells for the first time in several weeks.

You could tell by the ridiculous amount of huffing and puffing I was doing that it had been awhile.

“Don’t ever lose your weapon!” Gene yelled, looking suspiciously at my precarious grip on the bell, as it slipped out of my sweaty paws.

I’m never missing another week again.

Luckily, post workout I unexpectedly ran into my bffs, JD & CC, and shared bagels, coffee, and a strategy for this weekend’s festivals before moving off in our separate directions.

4. Post leaving my friends and husband, I headed to the Farmers’ Market, where I was treated to the it’s-almost-August bounty of fruit and vegetables.

I have a full fridge of produce and eggs and had a chance to talk to every last one of my favorite farmers. Pretty much an all around success, if you ask me.

5. For the next two weeks, my grandma, baby cousin Jon (who is actually 19), and sister are coming in and out of the Chicago area. Tonight, I finally lay eyes on my grandma and cousin, and also, my parents feed me yet again.

This move to my city is really working out, I think.

Enjoy your day, chickens- it’s a beautiful one!




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