full up to to the very brim.

Chickadees, this has been a getting.things.done kind of weekend.

Yesterday, LM and I managed to put together a bed, a TV stand, and very successfully start to un-jumble her move into a lovely new apartment.

Also, there was wine.

And, lunch- a new sandwich spot that has already made its way onto my list of favorites. It’s called Pane’s Bread Cafe, and I have already researched enough to know that it delivers up all the way west to my address.

I imagine this will turn into a regular visiting place for me.

After a calm night of hanging on a patio drinking vodka-y concoctions with my family JW and I headed home to sleep at an entirely reasonable hour of the evening.

Which was great, since it meant a morning of paper reading, breakfast having, bike riding, and soccer playing.

And then- bar bites and sips at Fat Cat, our sponsor bar.

It’s been a fantastic weekend so far.

And luckily for me- it’s not over. I’m still staring down some serious cooking and festival going this evening.

You can’t go wrong with something that’s officially called Burger Fest.

At least that’s the way I’m looking at it.

Enjoy the rest of this Sunday, chickens, it’s a beautiful world out there.



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