giving it some intention

Chickens, last night I did hot yoga for the first time.

But before that, I headed out to the lake with VB and CJ for my second swim of the season.

I’m riding the fitness wave.

After a steady, refreshing half mile (in which my swimming partners let me swim nearly to shore- somehow I missed the point at which stopping would have made sense), I packed up my wetsuit, headed home, threw on my best guess at what an appropriate steamy yoga class outfit was, and headed to the studio.

Let me first say that I have never sweated so much in my life.

Because it’s true.

I continuously tried to mop up my mat and my face with my towel, but eventually I gave up, because it simply was not helping.

I just focused on not sliding across the room into a wall.

The yoga style was Vinyasa, which means that you flow through a series of poses (think lots of upward and downward facing dog).

This is my preferred kind of yoga, since you don’t stop moving.

Even though it meant a fair amount of slipping.

After 75 minutes of sweating, posing, and breathing deeply, we did Savasana pose (where you lay on your back with your eyes closed) with lavender towels over our faces, and our instructor came around and rubbed some kind of essential oil on our necks.


While I generally hate this kind of staying still with my eyes closed, at this point, I was exhausted, and will say that for the first time, I enjoyed this part of class.

Maybe because I knew cool air was only a few moments away.

But maybe not.

Hot yoga might be my new religion, chickadees.

You learn something new every day.



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2 responses to “giving it some intention

  1. Thats the same as bikram right?I tried bikram yoga for the first time when I was still living in NYC. I took a 90 min class and the only thing the instructor told me was “Your goal is to not walk out of here before the 90 mins are up”. I survived it and I lost four pounds of water weight. I have a friend that swears by bikram!

  2. I feel I’ve been practicing “hot cardio” the last week or two at the gym. I go there to avoid the heat. But often leave the gym thinking, “wow, it feels nice out here today” when it’s really almost 90 and muggy. What???

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