going for the gold.

Morning, chickens!

I woke up this morning, somewhat surprised that I seem to already have made it to Wednesday.

And that I haven’t physically been to my office since last Thursday.

Here’s to hoping I remember the way there.

Yesterday’s jury duty was highly uneventful, and included working on projects, reading, and being forced to watch a television that WAS NOT showing the Olympics.

It is extremely difficult to do one’s civic duty when your patriotism is being stifled.

However, in the late afternoon I was dismissed, handed a check for $17, and headed home to catch up on some business.

The jury holding pen, it turns out, does not have wireless access.

A bummer, if you will.

Once JW and I were both home and fed, we turned our attention to the Olympic games, which are basically the only thing I’m capable of turning my attention to for the next couple of weeks.

I love nothing more than competition. Even when the news spoils the gold winners for me, which has been happening far too much for my liking this particular Olympics.

Some of us want to be surprised, everybody who doesn’t seem to care.

Next time this happens, I’m headed off the grid except for race viewings.

Or at least off of Twitter.

In any case, after watching the teenagers grab gold in gymnastics and watching Michael Phelps glide to his freaking 19th medal, I was ready for bed.

And tonight, I’m ready to do some swimming of my own (although at a remarkably slower pace).

I’m feeling ready to roll, chickadees.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it.



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