confession time.

Chickens, let me tell you something I’ve been up to for the past month.

A confession, if you will.

A few months ago, several of my friends and I started to kick around the idea of um, prenatal vitamins.

No, none of us are trying to start a family (unless you count me drinking too much wine and ordering my friends to have children as someone trying to start a family- I do not).

We’re just looking to reap some benefits in the hair and nails department.

After considering the idea from all angles (or just impulsively glancing at the Trader Joe shelves on a shopping trip), one of my pals and I decided to split a bottle and try them out for 30 days.

The cashier eyed us suspiciously, and then just straight out asked us who was trying to get pregnant.

Another reason I like the staff of TJs: I appreciate the cashier-turned-nosy-friend approach.

This led to another robust conversation about the impact of prenatal vitamins on hair and nails.

She seemed to like the spirit of our experiment.

We would have snagged them even if she thought it was weird.

Luckily, we’ve never cared about being weird.

After getting home and explaining to JW what I was up to (my first approach was to leave them out for him to find and see what he said…when I told him this, he did not look like he thought that would be funny), I started my scientific study.

And then I found out that I had Mindy Kaling in my court on this one.

Which made it that much more legit.

Throughout my month of experimenting, I found out that pretty much everyone takes prenatal vitamins on the DL. I would whisper to my friends and family members about taking prenatal vitamins in secret, and they would look at me and say “Yeah, I take those too,” nonchalantly and then ask me for more wine.

It turns out I’m just a big mouth.

My final assessment is that as predicted, these puppies are good for thicker hair, stronger nails, and better skin. If you’re not taking them on the DL (or in loud mouth public like me), you probably should be.

Even if you don’t feel like having a baby right now.

These are my words of wisdom for the day, chickadees.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it.



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2 responses to “confession time.

  1. You know- I totally eyed them last week as I was picking up more fish oil (for that same reason). Maybe when I run out of my current multi, I’ll give them a shot. What could it hurt? Plus, it’d be fun to freak out my mom and have them sitting out the next time she visits…

  2. Lisa

    You have NO idea!! I wish I could stop taking them!!(I won’t until I am done breast feeding) I am cutting my nails every 4 days, my hair is thicker than a lions mane( my hair was super thick to begin with), and I need a hair cut every 4 weeks!! Plus, there is a prenatal + DHA so you woudn’t need to take the fish oil anymore.

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