getting on the dream team.

Good morning, chickadees.

Isn’t it nice when it’s Saturday morning?

I think so too.

Last night, after birthday burgers and birthday brownies (both very important components of making it through another year), we headed to see the newest Batman movie.

I loved it.

But then, I have been told that my personality most coincides with that of an eight-year-old boy.

I’m generally okay with that.

After heading over to JD & CC’s to spend some time watching Olympics (trampolining, guys, it’s an Olympic sport. I think I want to try it), it was time to crash.

And then to awaken to another delightful morning of kettlebells with my Russian friend.

This morning, as we warmed up with about 800 pushups, he warned us that he had consumed a double shot of espresso prior to showing up for class.

Which meant that he was swinging around bells explosively for one whole hour, yelling things like “You’re my dream team!” and “Never give up! Never surrender!” as I wondered if we were ever going to get another water break.

No, was the answer to that question.

I’m lucky that I’m still standing.

The rest of the days holds catching up on reading for class, watching more Olympics (no, I will not stop until it’s over), and heading out to the ‘burbs to hang out at a party dubbed “Meat Fest.”

I’m eating vegetables until I hit the city limits to prepare, chickadees.

Enjoy this day- I leave you with my most inspiring Olympic story of the day:

No excuses here.



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