Good morning, chickens.

This will have to be a short one, since I’m scheduled to dash out to class in the deep suburbs at any moment.

Due to a long getting-ready-process, I’m almost due to be late.

Why the long process this morning?

One compound word for you.


It turns out, riding your bike to soccer, running around in the sunshine, and then biking to the beach and spending the rest of the morning there will really do some damage to your skin.

Better yet, it will likely be splotchy damage that demands you wear something covering everything but your hands the next day to avoid ridicule.

This, my friends, is no way to go through life.

And so, I submit to you, reapply your sunscreen.

I spent the last part of our beach trip yesterday desperately (and embarrassingly, according to my companions), trying to wrap my entire body, head included, in a sari to block out the rays of the sun.

It didn’t really work.

And I had to take off the get-up to get on my bike anyway.

Like I said, things got desperate.

I’ll be slathered in aloe gel until this one subsides, chickadees, accepting that I am fated to look like a splotchy lobster until further notice.

Enjoy the sunshine on this Monday, but please, cover up.



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2 responses to “feeling.the.heat.

  1. oh that sucks!!!

    I need to get a little better about the spf. I’ve been good about hitting the face up with spf 30, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to take care of the shoulders/arms, too. Otherwise, my tan lines are going to be evil.

  2. Auntie Rosemary

    You, my dear niece, come from a long lie of splotchy lobsters. It is kind of a curse. Mostly because we are sun worshippers who are pastey at best. Sunscreen is a pain but I guess we must at least try to be diligent with our continuous applications. Keep up the aloe and stay cool girlie! Love you, Auntie Rosemary (your splotchiest lobster aunt)

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