going around twice.

Morning everyone!

And welcome to the center of the work week.

If you happen to be in Chicago, you will note that it is another dreary, graying day, the kind that calls for bad television and all day snacks.

Unfortunately, I’m off to work, which tends to be a television, snack-free spot.

Well- that bit about the snacks might be untrue.

I certainly won’t be snacking all day though, much to my chagrin.

This is life, I suppose, chickens.

In an effort to buoy my middle-of-the-week blues, I woke up early this morning and practiced some yoga.

I’m feeling significantly less sullen headed out into the rain this way.

Also more stretched out after last night’s strange attempt at a run.

It was more like a run/walk/struggle.

I made it almost 5 miles in all, so I’m considering it to be some kind of success, despite my inability to run for more than ten minutes at a time.

Tonight I’m headed to a fundraiser for my pal MC, who’s running the Chicago marathon this fall (running the marathon, my friends!), and also raising money to fight cancer in the process.

That’s MC on the left, in a weird, tired picture we snapped after the half marathon.

So she’s going to do that, times two.

Totally awesome.

So in order to support her lofty goals, I’ll be cozying up to the bar at Redmond’s and buying drinks for the cause.

I try to show up where I’m needed.

I’ll check you later, chickadees.



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  1. Good luck to your friend MC! I can get on board with anyone who runs for cancer awareness. 🙂

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