if you can give yourself to someone, then you should.

Last night, my friends, was pretty much awesome.


After work, I headed over to the Chicago theater, met up with the group of Mumford lovers, and headed to a VIP party hosted by XRT.

More specifically, hosted by girls wearing what looked to be pleather leggings.

We didn’t let that disturbing fact ruin our good time, though.

Instead we ate pizza and bruschetta until we were full, and then hit up the bar.

Okay, let’s not kid ourselves.

We hit the bar first.

Since the party was also hosted by Captain Morgan, it was a throwback to the early 2000s to be imbibing Captain beverages, but since it was free, I had few complaints.

After the third drink, I had no complaints at all.

We hit our great, free (Ky’s friends won tickets and were so kind as to bestow them on us- for which I will forever be grateful) seats while the opening band Dawes was playing, but it turned out I knew some of their music, so I was down for that.

That was my personal favorite of the evening.

Once Mumford finally came on, we got to our feet and stayed there for the rest of the show.

Which was, of course, amazing.

They played a good mix of songs off their older album and playing us some of their new tunes, which I loved.

I loved every single thing they played, to be honest. They’re such a fun band, and they did adorable things like sing a cappella with no microphones and pull little kids on stage to dance with them as they played.

How can you not love that?

I certainly did.

In any case, when the new album comes out (on September 24th, which happens to be my wedding anniversary), I highly recommend it.

And with that, I’m taking my good mood and sailing into the weekend- enjoy the sunshine, chickadees.


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