i belong with you/you belong with me

Good morning, chickadees.

And thanks for hanging in there with me yesterday.

It feels good to get.it.out and also to know there’s a crowd of people behind you who feel the same way.

Faith in humanity restored.

And that leads us straight into Wednesday.

Which is a day of early morning meetings, dirty kitchens (and making peace with them) and another skipped appointment with the gym.

Tomorrow, YMCA, I promise I’ll show you my face.

Last night, V & JB came over for dinner, wine, hoppy beer sampling, and generally good conversation.

They’ve got a trip to Italy coming right up, and so we discussed things that I insisted they eat, see, and swoon over while they’re there.

Just promise me that you’ll tell me Rome is your favorite even if it’s not, was my irrational plea.

I imagine the way I love Rome is the way I’ll love my first-born child.

I realize this is crazy.

And that’s why I think it’s probably true.

Rome’s probably not going to be my favorite, JB said immediately.

It’s important to have friends who keep you honest, chickens.

I still hope he’s wrong.

And now it’s time to hit the ground running, chickens.

Enjoy that sunshine if you’ve got it.



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2 responses to “i belong with you/you belong with me

  1. I bet you could consider ‘Rome’ as a good name for a first child… just throwing it out there.

    Yes, I’m a genius.

  2. Rome is already my favorite and we haven’t even been properly introduced yet. 😉 When I finally book my trip to Italy I’m hoping you’ll give me some pointers!

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