taking it right back down.

Oh chickens, it’s Friday again.

Which means this long week is about to come to an end.

For which I am very thankful.

We’re not headed to Michigan until tomorrow morning, which means that I have a unique opportunity to both hit the gym and have a low key Friday night in my own home.

What’s that like, again?

Last night I was at another happy hour (the second of the week, and my third “school night” event in four days- what is that?), and after several nights of drinks and appetizers, nothing sounds better to me than my own kitchen table.

So that’s where I’ll be hanging out tonight.

In other semi-exciting news, after several months of cruising around in stretched-out, scratched-up, beat-to-hell glasses, my new pair have hit the eye doctor’s office.

After only two days of waiting.

I love it.

Next up, hipster-y (I prefer, ahem, aspiring author) spectacles and the ability to see without five years of scratches obstructing my vision.

It’s almost like I’m taking an actual step toward adulthood, chickadees.

And scratch-resistant lenses.

Imagine that?

Yeah, I’m having a hard time too.

And with that, I’m ready to tackle my commute, and the end of the working week.

Enjoy that weekend, chicks. We all need it.



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